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Roastery Coffee House Hyderabad is a benchmark in the specialty coffee and cafe industry in India, Hyderabad’s first tryst with specialty coffee, and a dream come true for the brand’s founder, Nishant Sinha. Roastery Coffee House opened doors in Banjara Hills in 2017. It housed the city’s first coffee roasting unit and was the only place to serve Indian specialty coffee. Within no time, Roastery became the it place to go to. Six years down, Roastery still continues to be the city’s favourite. In this interim of six years, Nishant opened six Roastery Coffee House outlets across six cities in India. An international outlet is in talks at the moment. Earlier last month, Nishant was invited by the current students at the prestigious, IIM Lucknow to share the brand’s success story.

Before Roastery, Hyderabadis (much like the rest of India) knew coffee as instant coffee or cappuccino at a cafe or the traditional filter coffee. Home brewing was largely unheard of. In fact, except for a handful of well travelled youngsters, nobody was even aware of specialty coffee. The demand for freshly roasted specialty coffee amongst home brewers is an all time high at the moment. From zero home brewers to thousands of them, the Hyderabadi home brewing community is ever increasing. After 6 years Roastery Coffee House sales 50 tons of speciality coffee in a year now out of which 10 tons people buy to brew at home.

Was introducing a new product a bit of a risk? No. As consumers, we appreciate good quality. Hyderabadis have always been known for their tastes. When Roastery introduced specialty coffee, the city didn’t shy away from trying something new. They tried Roastery Coffee and they loved it. This love still brings them back to Roastery. Of course, the quality of coffee served at Roastery is still as superior as it was on the day it opened. The brand introduces new coffee estates every year and new products as well. This year the brand introduced Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Most cafes, even the big brands, mix espresso with condensed milk. At Roastery, used a Vietnamese filter also known as Phin filter. The coffee is made on the customer’s table to engage them in a beautiful brewing experience. Plus, it helps the customer to customise their coffee as per preference.

Speaking about pioneer products, Roastery created history with their Cranberry Coffee. For a tropical country like ours, the Cranberry Coffee is nothing short of an elixir on a hot day. Like Hyderabad, every other city where Roastery has an outlet, the Cranberry Coffee has proved a crowd favourite and a bestsellers pan India.

With Roastery, Nishant has not only redefined the way Hyderabad drinks coffee but also redefined cafes. Unlike cafes that one would imagine to be quaint and little, Roastery is neither quaint and nor little. The cafe is spread across a sprawling space, with both indoor and outdoor seating. The palette is easy on the eye with lots of greens from natural plants. Because it is so spacious, the air feels breezy and balmy.

Thanks to delicious coffee, there is a booming coffee culture in Hyderabad. For many, Roastery is home ground – their ‘adda’.

There is another reason why Roastery Coffee House stands out and is favoured by customers of all age groups – their hospitality. Although it is a cafe where self service is more prevalent, Nishant makes sure guests are assisted right from entrance. The staff is always present — They greet you when you walk in, help the elderly, and mothers with busy toddlers. They are always friendly, polite and helpful — characteristics that are evident in Nishant. No matter which Roastery you go to, you are bound to be heavily impressed with the hospitality. Roastery is also one of the first places that is also pet friendly.

The wide range of options available in their food menu covers all age groups and is a big plus. The food is unpretentious, of great quality and unanimously tasty. From cafe essentials such as Onion Rings, Sandwiches, Burgers and the brand’s signature Zucchini fries, options also include Italian classics such as Pastas, Pizzas and Risotto. This year, they introduced Hyderabadi Mutton Burger as a tribute to the city’s traditional cuisine. Breakfast at Roastery is a thing! The platters are overwhelming, delicious and perfect for weekends. As a gift to the brand’s loyal Breakfast patrons, Roastery introduced more items this year. This includes Avocado Creamy Chicken Toast, Shakshuka and more options in salads.

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